Parents Code of Conduct

Homenetmen’s mission is to prepare exemplary and law abiding citizens by providing physical and health education, endowing the mind and soul with the finest spirit of sportsmanship, and developing an understanding of responsibility and honor as they strive for individual and collective excellence.


It is therefore essential for parents, coaches and officials to encourage youth athletes to embrace the values of good sportsmanship. Moreover, adults involved in Homenetmen sports events should be models of good sportsmanship and should lead by example by demonstrating fairness, respect and self-control.


Each person must pledge to be responsible for his/her words and actions while attending, coaching, officiating or participating in a Homenetmen sports event and shall conform his/her behavior to the following code of conduct.

I will encourage good sportsmanship at all times by setting a positive example for my child. I pledge to support all participants, including team mates and opponents, coaches, referees, and spectators.

I will demonstrate a positive attitude towards youth sports, not embarassing myself, my child or any other participant by yelling or creating a scene. I will applaud good effort in victory and defeat.

I will make sure my child is participating voluntarily in the sport and not forced to because of my wishes.

I will strive to learn the rules of the sport and support the officials in their enforcement of these rules.

I will support the goals of youth sports, including skill development, emphasizing fundamentals, building teamwork, and encouraging fair play.

I will support and communicate with the volunteer coaches, encouraging them to uphold the Coaches Code of Conduct.

I will understand that youth sports are not babysitting services. I will offer to participate as a coach, team liaison or parent, or provide transportation.

I will demand a healthy environment, refraining from alcohol, drug or tobacco use at all sports events. I will insist that all other participants display the same restraint.

I will monitor game and practice venues for safety.

I will teach my child to respect other players, coaches, referees, and spectators, regardless of their race, creed, gender or ability.

If I identify problems or have concerns, I will calmly seek solutions at a proper time and location, refraining from confrontations in front of the children.

I will strive to make youth sports fun. After all, isn't that why my child signed up in the first place?