• 3,200 Athletes Competing in the Largest Amateur Games in California

  • Largest Community Event Over 35,000 participants in the largest Armenian community event worldwide

  • Family Atmosphere Family atmosphere during the festival - food, games and fun for all ages

  • 300 Teams Participating in Basketball, Soccer and Vollyeball team sports

Join The Navasartian Fun

Navasartian Games & Festival

This showcase event organized by Homenetmen Western USA are the Navasartian Games. Launched in East Los Angeles in 1975, now it boasts the participation of 300 teams, 3,200 athletes, 1,100 scouts and attracts over 35,000 spectators over a period of eight weeks each year. The games culminate on the weekend of the Fourth of July, with a festival and an elaborate closing ceremony featuring the collective family of Homenetmen athletes, scouts, parents and volunteers from the 18 chapters in the Western US. With the participation of over fifty local businesses and organizations in the food and games booths of the festival, the Navasartian Games are more than just a Homenetmen event. These games have a special place in the heart of the community and feature all that is right with the community. After all, these activities are geared towards keeping the youth away from negative influences. By participating, they become involved in family and community oriented activities.


Become A Vendor


Are you interested in becoming a vendor at the closing festival weekend? During the final games and festival we are estimated an audience of over 35,000. This is a great opportunity to showcase you product or service and reach out to the community.

Become A Sponsor


We have several corporate sponsorship opportunities for the victory banquet, games and festival. We offer many exclusive sponsorship ooportunites allowing businesses to have strong presence in the Armenian community. Opportunities are limited, so make sure get started today. Learn More Now

Become A Volunteer

Experience the real Navasartian Festival, behind the scenes. There are several volunteer opportunities available for teens and adults. We couldn't do it without the energy and hard work provided by our enthusiastic volunteers.
Sign Up & Volunteer

Become A Member

Are you interested in joining Homenetmen as a scout or athlete? We have 18 local community chapters through 3 states in the Western US.
Call 323.344.4300 to learn more.


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